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hgh results for the brain

HGH Results in Better Body and Brain Health!

HGH Results for a Better Brain and Body hgh results

HGH is a natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It is considered as a master hormone because it plays a major role in many of the functions of the body and brain. During childhood and puberty, the production levels of HGH are at their highest.

As one reaches the late 20’s, their levels of HGH start to gradually decline in ways that cannot be controlled. Essentially, HGH is still being produced, but once one reaches the age of 40, HGH levels gradually decrease by about half. However, due to the decrease of HGH levels, there are available HGH supplements on the market that are helpful to individuals. When one uses HGH injections there are proven positive results.Thus the following are HGH results one can achieve by using an HGH supplement in their workout routine.

Better Mood and Cognitive Function – How HGH Benefits the Brain

Generally, the quality of life and also psychological well-being is mainly restored when the growth hormone therapy concerning the growth hormone-deficient adults is managed. Through the use of HGH changes cognitive function, mood generally normalizes within a very short duration. Meaning, the cognitive function and also mood are expressively increased after a short duration of therapy, which is normal according to the mood scales. This mainly suggests that managing growth hormone can enhance or improve cognitive function and also the mood in individuals who mainly have growth hormone deficiency.


Increased Muscle Strength

HGH results generally have been well-known to enhance or improve the individuals’ physical capacity through stimulating the collagen synthesis specifically in the skeletal muscle and also tendons, thus increasing muscle strength and also improving the exercise performance as results. Overall, there is an increase of muscle strength specifically in the lower body after the use of human growth hormone. Additionally, as results, HGH results in the normalization of muscle strength, improved thermoregulation and also body composition and also increased exercise capacity.


Better Fracture Healing


human growth hormone

An abundance of the local growth factors and also hormones are responsible for regulating mineral and also bone metabolism, together with the fracture healing. Due to the human growth hormone, essentially it has been proved to speed up the regeneration of the bone, thus making it a vital part of bone healing. By using of growth factors such as HGH injection, it is generally known by enhancing or stimulating bone metabolism. HGH results in the growth factor due to the HGH injection generally speeds up the fracture healing expressively without the systemic adverse effects.

This means Human growth hormone can play a vital role in repairing of the wear and tear together with expedites healing. The HGH injection essentially has the valuable effects in enhancing or improving the healing of injuries and also wounds significantly. Therefore, a healthy individual who has been administered to the growth hormone had the enhanced collagen deposition throughout the wound-healing process, thus helping or improving the healing process.


Enhanced Weight Loss

Basically, the individuals who are obese, they have a limited response to the growth hormone stimuli release, and after prosperous weight reduction, growth hormone responsiveness can basically be partial or either complete. Growth hormone usually accelerates lipolysis, a breakdown of the lipids and also involves the hydrolysis of the triglycerides into the glycerol and free fatty acids, and together with the impaired secretion of the human growth hormone that usually leads to loss of lipolytic effect.

The growth hormone injection treatment generally affects the anabolic and also lipolytic actions together with the changes in growth hormone secretions and also insulin. Therefore as results to the obese people, the lean body mass usually get lost or reduces, this show or suggests that to the obese individuals who use the HGH supplement, the growth hormone generally accelerates the loss of the body fat and also improves the growth hormone secretion. Thus, HGH supplements can basically serve a very therapeutic role to essentially help the obese individuals in losing weight.


Stronger Bones

The pituitary gland essentially stimulates the release of the growth hormone and is crucial for the regulating bone growth, particularly during the puberty stage. Growth hormone normally stimulates the production of growth hormone, which is essentially produced in the liver and then released in the blood. With the age, HGH or human growth hormone usually decreases and could be the main cause of the older people not being able to replace or either form bone rapidly. The growth hormone thus stimulates bone-forming and also bone-resorbing cells, prominent to the increased bone mass.


Reduced Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Individuals who mainly have growth hormone-deficient basically have an increased risk of the cardiovascular disease, this leading to the decreased life expectancy. Usually, these people or patients commonly have a higher body mass and also triglyceride concentrations as compared to the controls. Through the use of HGH supplements, the lipoprotein metabolism is essentially altered by the growth hormone deficiency, transforming or reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Improvement in Erectile Dysfunction hgh results for the brain

Basically, human growth hormone is commonly responsible for the male reproductive function and also sexual maturation.Thus the deficiency of the human growth hormone is normally associated with the loss of sexual erection and also desire. Through the use of HGH supplements, penile erection might be prompted by the growth hormone since its enhance and also stimulate activity on the human corpus cavernosum smooth muscle, thus making it a very potential natural remedy for the importance.

Better Sleep

Most of the growth hormone pulsatile secretion usually happens in short duration after the onset of sleep and then lingers to rise within the first hours of the sleep. Persons who are mainly going through the sleep deficiency, like those individuals who mainly work at night shift or either late studies, can normally be affected adversely throughout the day. Generally, lack of sleep usually alters the pituitary and also hypothalamus function, additional changing the growth hormone release time. Through the use of the HGH injection, human growth hormone release significantly decreased and also noticeably decreased in the growth hormone ultimate values at night. The growth hormone pulse rate became random and also more normal throughout the waking hours. As HGH results, this suggests or prove that sleep deficiency can be reduced by the growth hormone release that is HGH injections.

3 Ways to Unleash The Full Potential of Your Brain Power

3 Ways to Instantly Unlock Your Brain Power brain power

Unleash your brain power and watch many of your worries dissipate. 

Does this sound like you?

You’re unfocused, you’re worn out on a regular basis, you’re unexcited about your daily life, you’re lacking strategies and you’re constantly stressed, anxious, and sad whether you acknowledge it or not?

Sure, some days are much better than others but overall you’ll still feel there is a barrier that’s preventing you from reaching your targets. You can change these feelings and boost your brain power starting today. You don’t need to feel this way anymore!

You’ve seen the movie “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper and Lucy with Scarlett Johansson and you’ve imagined being as brilliant and as emotionally capable as their characters. However, all the energy and brain power you’ve been looking for has been within you all along.

The only path to attain it is by learning how to uncover and unleash this brain power. Determining how to utilize your brain’s maximum potential is life changing and challenging, but possible nonetheless. These techniques will lead to days with less stress and anxiety, more energy, higher degrees of productivity and much more of a get-up-and-go attitude.


  1. Meditation Works! Don’t put it off for one more day!

meditation for brain power I used to be insanely reluctant to the idea of meditation. I put it off for years no matter how many people recommended it to me. I was stubborn and didn’t “believe” in it. 

However, one day I finally gave and decided to give it a try. I will never forget the first time I took just 10-15 minutes to follow an online meditation program and the massive benefits I experienced. A great place to start for free is Headspace. The first 10 sessions are free and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  

That ‘meh’ feeling we were talking about earlier literally boils down to your brain’s structure and chemistry.

Learning how to meditate properly can literally change the composition of the human brain. Research shows that daily meditation can lead to increased white and grey matter,|which helps the production of neurotransmitters i.e. serotonin and acetylcholine – both of which improve mood and learning capabilities.

Meditating also allows the human brain to enter into the Alpha state, which is when anxiety is most reduced and creativeness is greatly increased. Just 15 minutes of pure, uninterrupted meditation every morning can and will seriously change your mood and cognitive capabilities for the better.

Meditation is easily one of the most underrated ways to unlock your brain power. It is a great way to start and finish your day. However, just start with 10-15 minutes per day to start your day and I can all but guarantee you will experience a noticeable difference. 


  1. Let Yourself Loose to Unleash Brain Power nootropic supplements

I am not suggesting that you go out and get crazy at the bar with your friends. But every so often, doing something exciting and go beyond (what you think is) your maximum abilities. It will boost your confidence levels and have you feeling on top of the world.

Go out and beat your own personal record at something. Give yourself the mental and physical boost that you need. Be active and exercise somewhere different. Go on a nice hike and go the extra mile during that hike. It’s no longer about what you can’t do or can’t have ­– it’s about what you can.

This weekend, push yourself either mentally, physically or both by doing something insanely challenging. Once you manage to push yourself past that point of heavy exhaustion, you will realize how amazing and capable you truly are.

Challenge yourself and prepare to feel accomplished as you conquer those challenges and boost your brain power to the next level. 

There are some awesome tips for how to improve motivation to exercise as well. 


  1. Feed Your Brain, Fuel Your Brain Power, & Train Your Brain

Your brain is a muscle that just like other parts of your body, can get better if given the proper fuel and training.

Start simple – if you wanted to get a better body, you would start working out, right? And if you wanted to see these results fast, you would work out more and eat healthier, maybe even invest in a couple of fitness supplements.

The same concept goes for your brain.

If you want to have better focus, improved memory recall, improved verbal fluency, enhanced analytical skills, and an overall kick-ass mental edge, you need to start fueling your brain with the right supplements and training it with the right activities.

Natural nootropic supplements and brain-training apps can allow you to unleash your brain power to the next level.

What are nootropic stacks? These are life-changing ingredients that have been carefully engineered to change or rather improve your brain chemistry.

Do they work? Absolutely.

If you choose the right ones, use them consistently and exercise your brain at the same time then you will see results.

Natural Nootropics

Now: green guru nutrition

Some of the best nootropics you can use are all-natural. The best natural nootropics are comprised of a number of highly researched, high-quality nootropic ingredients that provide a noticeable boost in brain power.

This includes improved focus, concentration, memory, eliminate brain fog, reduce stress & anxiety, and enhance cognitive functioning. 

Green Guru Nutrition created the best line of natural nootropics that I have tried to date. I have tested a number of different nootropic brain supplements and have been looking for an all-natural nootropic supplement that works best to boost brain power. Green Guru Nutrition was exactly what I had been seeking. 

Not only are their products highly effective but they will actually let you try every single one of their 7 natural nootropic supplements for free before buying. This includes an excellent natural pre workout supplement, along with 6 natural nootropics geared at significantly improving overall brain health and brain power.

You have nothing to lose and don’t need to take my word for it. Check out the entire line of their 7 natural nootropics for free!

They also have one of the best natural energy supplements I have tried in quite some time. No jitters or crash from a supplement that is crammed with caffeine and other stimulants. Instead, their natural energy supplements provide a healthy feeling energy that lasts longer throughout the day. 

Utilize these 3 simple tips to unleash your brain power, today. You will be amazed by how effective these simple tips will be for you and your overall brain health. 


Nootropics: The 10 Commandments about Nootropics You Must Know

10 Commandments Of Nootropics

Nootropics are becoming more and more popular every day. Whether you’re thinking of getting your first nootropic stack or have been using nootropic supplements for years, we welcome you to join our nootropic community!

commandments of nootropics



In order to make sure that everyone has a great time and can get the most out of their nootropic experience, we’ve created a list of 10 “rules” that you should probably follow…that is, if you want to start seeing real results. These are basically lifestyle changes that you should adopt if and when you decide to take this journey of self-enhancement seriously.


So you want to get sharper, achieve your goals and get ahead of everyone else? Well, you’re going to have to work for it. You won’t be asked to put in your sweat, blood, and tears, but by taking baby steps towards living a healthier life, the effects of your nootropics will be enhanced and intensified. Take these rules seriously and you too will start living life the limitless way.


  1. Thou Shalt Get Informed about Nootropicsnootropics information



This is a really important step that many of us often skip out on or ignore. Particularly if you’re new to nootropics and have never really used cognitive-enhancing supplements before, it’s very important to do your research.


Get informed and read about the different types of nootropics and what they do before going for them. It may be tempting to buy the first nootropic stack supplement you come across, but that doesn’t always pay off. It’s important to remember that your optimal choice of nootropics depends on your personal needs. For instance, if you’re looking to achieve better sleep and reduced anxiety, then you should get ingredients that will calm your nervous system and help power down your brain. On the other hand, if you’re a student who wants to boost your memorization skills then there’s a very specific list of powerful nootropics that can help you get there.

Finding Your Nootropic Stack

Once you’ve chosen your nootropic or supplement stack, make sure you thoroughly read the instructions. For instance, if your supplement contains the ingredient Noopept, then there’s a good chance the manufacturers have advised cycling. Cycling means you should take “breaks” in between usage (i.e. taking a 2-day break per week) in order to inhibit quick tolerance development.


To sum up, as you make your nootropic supplement part of your new and improved life, don’t forget to keep yourself informed. Avoid brain supplement scams like Geniux when choosing the best nootropics for you.


  1. Thou Shalt Eat Healthy when taking nootropics eat healthy with nootropics


What a lot of people don’t realize is they can get a natural boost of energy and alertness just by eating better. Eating the right foods will strengthen your immune system and better your overall wellbeing, which definitely contributes to brain function and mental performance. There are certain foods you can eat to naturally boost cognitive function, including blueberries, broccoli, asparagus, oily fish such as tuna and salmon, etc. Incorporating these foods into your everyday diet can make a huge difference to your mental energy and focus.


Adding foods to your diet, however, is arguably easier than cutting stuff out. Let’s take a moment to discuss the effects of processed or refined sugar on the brain. First of all, you generally consume a ridiculous amount of refined sugars without even intending to. This is the most dangerous and difficult-to-fight part. You are loading your body with these bad sugars when you consume pasta, white bread, “healthy” yogurts, cereal bars, sweets, juice, and more. And yes, even when you opt for the fat-free option, you’re still getting a whole bunch of processed sugar.

Brain fog and low energy levels

Because these foods are generally viewed as “healthy”, however, people don’t realize just how bad their diets are affecting their general wellbeing. But the fact is – an abundance of refined sugars leads to brain fog, irritability, grogginess, low energy levels, lack of focus, bad sleeping habits and more.


While it’s practically impossible to cut out refined sugar completely from your diet (especially if you’re on a tight budget), it is perfectly reasonable to reduce your intake. Start small by making the following changes: don’t put sugar in your coffee (or replace with honey or cinnamon), go for whole-wheat bread, replace your sweet snacks with vegetables (carrots + hummus is great choice). Try this for at least a month or so and you will notice how much better your mental clarity and focus abilities have gone.

Not only eat healthily but don’t ignore the natural nootropics that are some of the safest and most effective on the market.


  1. Thou Shalt Exercise More Frequently when taking nootropics exercise with nootropics


If you struggle with constant brain fog, fatigue, and bad moods then it might be time to start hitting the gym. Even if you’re not super into exercising or working out, there are plenty of ways you can try to get your body moving. The best thing about exercise is that it benefits both your body and brain.


Regular Exercise and Energy

Regular exercise will strengthen your body, improve your immune system and increase energy levels. On top of that, it will increase motivation, focus, mental energy and even learning abilities. How? Exercising stimulates blood flow in the brain, particularly to cells that lack proper oxygenation, which then leads to sharper thinking, increased periods of focus and better learning. Your brain also gets a fresh batch of happy neurotransmitters post-exercise, including dopamine and serotonin, which will improve your mood and promote motivation.

Which Group are you?

Some people will read the two paragraphs above and get inspired and feel driven to get their workout clothes on. Others will feel absolutely uninterested in the subject. If you’re part of the latter group, take a moment to understand the importance of health in your life. No matter how eager you are to make more money, to have a great relationship, to be smarter, realize that none of those things are possible if you aren’t in good health. Some people work so hard that they completely neglect their wellbeing – their life consists of takeout food and sitting in front of a computer screen for 18 hours a day. This may not impact your health significantly for the first 2-3 years, but if these negative lifestyle choices keep snowballing, you can rest assured that your body will start to react.

Nootropics should only supplement a healthy lifestyle

That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that nootropics will not substitute a healthy lifestyle. While using nootropics will help certain aspects of your health (i.e. by reducing anxiety and increasing energy levels), it is necessary that a significant amount of effort comes from your part.


If lifting weights is not your thing then try some fun cardio exercises or go for yoga lessons. There’s something for everyone!


  1. Thou Shalt Not Neglect Sleep When Taking Nootropics sleep better with nootropics



Since most of us have had more than enough drained, zombie-like Monday mornings, we understand from first-hand experience how important getting sufficient sleep is.

Adults are recommended to get 6-8 hours of sleep per night in order to maintain a good immune system, high energy levels and proper brain function.


Sleep is Essential

If you don’t get enough sleep for an extended period of time, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be very irritable, that you will feel groggy, that you will experience brain fog, that you’ll easily get sick and more.


However, there are those out there who get 4-5 hours of sleep every night, have absolutely no coffee but are still able to function completely fine. What’s their secret? Well sadly, it really depends on your genes. So if you’re part of the majority, which consists of people who truly need to get those 6-8 hours every night, understand that prioritizing sleep will lead to much brighter, more productive days.


  1. Thou Shalt Monitor Results with Nootropics monitoring results with nootropics



This rule is easily one of the most important ones from the entire list. People who use nootropics expect to see results right away, but they ironically aren’t doing anything to track or measure these results.

If you’ve just begun your nootropic journey then make sure to try out one or more of these measuring tools. If you’ve been using your supplement for a while, know that it’s never too late to start.

Here are 3 different ways you can monitor your results in order to be conscious throughout your self-development ride:


  • Keep a journal

This method is free, simple and super effective. Every morning or night, write a little paragraph describing how you felt throughout the day. Think back on how good or bad your memory recall was, how focused you were during work or class, how much energy you had (both physically and mentally), how hard or easily you were able to learn new information, etc.


If writing on paper is your thing then find an old notebook around the house and get started today. But if you’re really into your electronics then type in your daily reflection on your phone – which can easily be done on your commute to or back from your work.


  • Take tests that measure cognitive development

If the journal option didn’t sound like it was your thing then you can go online to take certain tests designed to measure your mental performance. A good place to get started is Cambridge Brain Sciences’ website, which includes a bunch of tests that evaluate your memory, focus and reasoning skills.


  • Download and use apps on your smartphone

There are so many apps out there that you can use to challenge and train your mental skills. Some great options include: Lumosity, Elevate, and Fit Brains (all available on IOS and Android).


  1. Thou Shalt Learn Something New When Taking Nootropics learn something new with nootropics



Those dreams that have stayed as dreams your entire life actually have a chance of turning into something real now that your brain is sharper than ever before.

We know a ton of people within the nootropic community who have had their lives changed for the better because of 1 simple reason –they put their improved cognitive function to good use.


If you don’t take advantage of this smarter, more focused version of yourself then you’ve simply been wasting a whole lot of money, time and effort. Polish your guitar skills, start taking boxing lessons, join a chess club – whatever it is you’ve always wanted to get better at, start working on it now.


  1. Thou Shalt Share With Friends & Family When Taking Nootropics nootropics and family


This rule kind of depends on your personality. But for most of us, due to the nature of humanity, once we start noticing how much better our focus and memory skills are, we become reluctant to share our “secret recipe” with others.

Besides, the whole point was to be better and smarter than the rest, so why spill the beans? Since using a nootropic supplement, you’ve gained the confidence and mental clarity that you needed to excel, so it’s natural that you want to experience all these benefits to yourself.

But sharing with people you care for, such as your close family and friends, will create another platform on which you can connect and share.


You and your loved ones can really get into nootropics together, start to share different tips, talk about your personal experiences, learn about all the stacks available and create a community.


  1. Thou Shalt Stick To The Suggested Dose of Nootropics recommended dosage of nootropics



A big concern that a lot of people have with nootropics use is side effects. People are always writing in and asking us about the risks that come with regular nootropic use, whether taking nootropics will cause dependency, etc.

Depending on the quality of your supplement as well your personal body chemistry, it is possible that you may experience light side effects. There are different ways you can avoid these side effects (i.e. taking a choline source, which we talk more about next), but one tip that we always recommend is to stick with the recommended dose.

Even if you don’t feel the effects you want to feel right away, don’t take more than you’re told to.


  1. Thou Shalt Not Miss Out On Choline Nootropics alpha gpc nootropics



No matter what type of nootropic stack you’re currently using – a classic Caffeine + L-Theanine combo or an advanced Noopept + Huperzine A mix, getting a choline supplement will only do you good. Choline is a very important nutrient that our bodies need on an everyday basis to sustain good health and function.

Choline is great to take by itself because it helps prevent diseases and also boosts mental performance. But when you combine choline with other nootropics, it enhances the effects of these nootropics and allows you to heighten your experience.


There are lots of different types of choline so picking the right one may get fairly challenging. One of the highest quality sources of choline is Alpha GPC, which increases the production of acetylcholine in the brain and thus helps with our comprehension and memory skills. It’s fine if you buy a choline supplement to add to your existing nootropic stack but a more economically friendly choice would be to buy a product with a good choline source like Alpha GPC already in it.


  1. Thou Shalt Purchase From a Trustworthy Source of Nootropics nitrovit nootropics



Most supplements on the online nootropic market are safe to buy, but there are a few sneaky ones out there that you should be cautious of. It’s not easy to spot a deceitful manufacturer but here are a few aspects the supplement company should cover:

About Nitrovit:


  • The product has been manufactured in a GMP-certified lab
  • The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee
  • It’s better if the company offers multiple and flexible payment options
  • The company shares genuine customer testimonials
  • The company posts their product’s supplement facts label
  • The company explains the function & benefit of each ingredient
  • The company shares the price of each product
  • The company’s customer service is helpful and friendly

Check out the Nitrovit review that won as the Editor’s Choice of the best brain supplements at and earned a spot as one of the top 10 best brain supplements reviewed in over two years.


After trying products from a lot of different supplement companies, our entire team has decided that the best and most reliable source is Neuro Laboratories, the creators of Nitrovit. They tick all our boxes and they offer multiple pricing options, making their product affordable for all.

However, they are not the only option. There are many different nootropic brain supplements that are best suited for different types of people. Find the nootropics that work best for you!

ADHD In Children And Brain Supplements That Can Help


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) initially known as the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a condition of the brain. It makes people have an inability to stay focused on our daily activities such as regular interaction with others, school work, and right concentration on news and books.

The condition was known as ADD in the 1980s but from 1987 the word hyperactive was added to become ADHD. Before the 1990s, children were diagnosed with ADD but since then children are diagnosed with ADHD.

What differentiates ADHD from ADD is that the culprits of ADHD are hyperactive. They experience restlessness and find it hard to stay calm that teachers can easily notice them. On the other hand, ADD children are shy, daydreamers and always in their world. Although most people still use ADD to refer to ADHD, the term is now days considered outdated.

It is important to note that ADD/ADHD is not a children affair. It is easy for any adult to handle their matter and stay focused on whatever they are attending. But if any adult finds themselves frequently late, unorganized, doubtful, and forgetful they may be slaves of ADD/ADHD.

There are many misconceptions put forward concerning ADD/ADHD, which make most people get confused or misinterpret the disorder. Such myths include:

1. All kids with ADHD are hyperactive.
2. The children with ADHD are wholly inattentive
3. Those with ADHD are capable of behaving well if they want. This statement is a wrong notion. For the children can try to be good but still fail to be focused.
4. Children will automatically get rid of ADHD as they age. The truth is that ADHD can continue into adulthood. However, treatment can help your child learn to manage the ADHD symptoms.

To avoid misleading statements on ADHD let us now explore some of the primary characteristics of ADHD.

Children with ADHD experience inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. They can experience the entire three characteristics but in some rare cases some children experience inattention but lack the hyperactive and impulsive condition. More, they may be hyperactive and impulsive but have the ability to pay close attention.

How do you realize that your child might be having ADHD?

ADHD has its diagnosis in children during their teens and different circumstances. Children with ADHD may have trouble keeping both good and bad emotions.They experience emotional turmoil of anger at times when they are not expected.

A child with ADHD will have difficulty in staying calm. They will run from place to pace even when forced to stay in their seats.
They usually have difficulty finishing whatever they are interested in even though they may initially show a lot of interest.
Children With ADHD are hard working but they find it hard to follow instruction, and that require proper planning to accomplish the work.

Apart from being violent and restlessness, they sometimes daydream and stay away from other children and tasks.
Besides the many challenges experienced with ADHD, children with ADHD may be creative and imaginative. Through daydreaming, the children can think of problem solving and great ideas.

ADHD also makes children flexible. Because they have a lot of option at ago, they are more open to different ideas.
The bad news is that maybe your child has ADHD, but the good news is that ADHD can be treated. A good diet has a crucial role in getting rid of ADHD. You should consider using the below food and nootropic supplement in your treatment plan for ADHD.

Zinc supplement.

The slaves of ADHD have low zinc concentration. Such food includes oysters, beans, and cereals. Zinc help reduces hyperactivity and impulsivity; however it is not effective in reducing inattentiveness.

Omega-3 fatty acids

It is imperative for the brain and immune system. Omega 3 such as the DHA and EPA helps to boost mood and attention. Fish oil is the source of Omega 3 apart from nuts

Vitamin B-complex

All vitamins are crucial for perfect working of the brain. They reduce hyperactivity resulting in children who are happy and calm.


Antioxidants protect against cell damage caused by stress. Remember ADHD is a stress to children. Antioxidants include vitamin A, C, AND E.

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smart drugs

How to Best Understand the World of Smart Drugs and How They Work

smart drugsUnderstanding Smart Drugs

Smart drugs are drugs that belongs to a class of drugs known as nootropics which, as per study, act securely on the brain action and support individuals to increase their general psychological capacity, memory, awareness, better focus, increase wakefulness, and perception.Recent studies also indicate that smart drugs are useful in the treating neurodegenerative symptoms, and may even slow down the aging process.
Smart drugs or the memory enhancing drugs or psychoactive drugs are always controversial.

Despite this controversy, smart drugs are highly sought drugs in the medical industry because they are proved to do miracles in enhancing the functions of the human brain. Despite this demand,some of the smart drug may pose risk on the human body because even with the tremendous steps made in the field of medicine, very little research has been done on the functionality of the human brain.

The human brain is to a great degree complex and profoundly parallel in such a way that medical experts feel that it would take many years to do brain transplantation.

Types Of Smart Drugs

Caffeine, nicotine, and racetam are some of the well-known psychoactive substances (also called nootropics).They are usually used by the people who handles exceedingly stressful job to lessen their stress and increase their focus. The fortunate thing about most of the smart drugs is that they are not addictive in nature as most of them are not known to cause any drug abuse. There are also very effective natural nootropics with natural nootropic ingredients that have been used for centuries!

What smart drugs do

As the smart drugs claim to improve the brain’s function, some pose some serious threats to the effective functioning of the human brain. These types of drugs can’t be tested on different species, as the human brain is totally different and more sophisticated than that of the brain in other organisms. With the limited research on their impact on the brain, it is not recommended to try any radical drug for enhancing the brain’s function right now. However,some smart drugs are not known to have intense side effects on the effective functioning of the human brain and are now finding their way to the market.

Magic mushroom is one of the smart drugs with no intense side effect that is gaining popularity day by day. However, shrooms should not be considered as totally safe, as claimed by some of the websites dealing with shrooms. Magic mushrooms produce a trippy effect which is usually associated with consuming psychedelic drug. Shrooms are accessible in more than 200 varieties.

It’s Magic

As indicated by the UN convention of psychotropic substance, it is a drug listed under Schedule I. It means these drugs can possibly lead to user abuse. However there is no research that has demonstrated the abusing power of the Shroom.

Before you choose to purchase a smart drug, it becomes essential to read reviews of the websites that run online pharmacies. Positive reviews on a website can be considered trust worthy because these reviews originate from customers who have used the website’s services before . Nevertheless, as is common with any drug, consulting a specialist before putting in a request will save a lot of time, energy and money . Use the drug only for the prescribed number of days so as to get the results of the drug without side effects

The Best Brain Food For You

The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is definitely true when it comes to our brains. Our brains are dramatically impacted by our diet.


If we eat foods that are rich in fat and cholesterol, our brains tend to suffer from the consequences of hypertension, and the stress on the body inflicted by a high-fat diet. Conversely, if you want to keep your brain in optimal shape, you need to eat a diet that supplies the right combination of nutrients and vitamins, which will keep your brain’s processes humming along quite nicely.

So what are brain foods best available for boosting mental processes and overall brain health?


It’s a very interesting and fitting coincidence that shelled walnuts look like miniature brains. Their appearance is interesting because walnuts contain high levels of omega 3 which help boost brain function. It is quite interesting to see a nut that looks very similar to a brain be so beneficial for human brains. Omega-3 fatty acids acids help boost overall brain functions while other compounds in walnut help relieve oxidative stress on the brain which helps fend off Alzheimer’s. Additionally, Walnuts contain high levels of Vitamin E, which helps arrest cognitive decline which usually comes with age.


Studies indicate that blueberries help reduce oxidative stress on brain tissue. This has been linked to a reduction in the effects of Alzheimer’s and other age-related conditions. Additionally, studies have shown blueberries improved the motor skills and learning capacity of older lab rats. Blueberries can help older individuals preserve their mental hardware in old age.


Avocados have high levels of monounsaturated fat. This type of fat is healthy and helps boost overall blood flow. Increased blood flow to the brain is a necessary condition of increased brain function and effectiveness. In fact, by boosting blood flow, avocados reduce hypertension. Hypertension has been linked to a reduction of the brain’s overall cognitive abilities.

Nuts and seeds

Flaxseed has a decent level of omega 3s. As mentioned earlier, omega 3 helps boost overall brain function and can help with enhanced cognitive abilities. Sunflower seeds are also great brain-boosting seeds. In addition to flaxseed, individuals who are looking to strengthen their brain’s overall health should also try a wide range of nuts. Since nuts pack lots of Vitamin E, they make for great brain-boosting snacks. Some nuts that are great for your brain include peanuts, filberts, cashews, brazil nuts, and almonds also have high levels of Vitamin E.


Beans help stabilize the blood’s glucose levels. Since the brain needs glucose for energy, beans help deliver optimal amounts of energy to the brain without dramatic spikes in glucose.

Beans help deliver a steady stream of energy the brain needs for optimal performance. Beans are also great for cardiovascular health since they help with nitric oxide levels. High nitric oxide levels help increase blood flow. The brain benefits when overall blood flow improves.

Pomegranate juice

You have probably heard of antioxidants’ health boosting benefits. Antioxidants help suppress the amount of cancer-causing free radicals in organs. Pomegranate juice has a high level of antioxidants.

Drink lots of pomegranate juice to help cut down on the number of antioxidants which might harm your brain. If you don’t like pomegranate juice, you can also try a wide variety of citrus juices. These juices also have decent levels of antioxidants.

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa has a high level of antioxidants which can cut down on cancer-causing free radicals that can harm your brain. Additionally, this yummy substance also contains caffeine which helps increase energy level and mental focus.

All You Need to Know About Nootropics


Nootropics are sometimes referred to as cognitive enhancing supplements. These supplements are known for their ability to improve cognitive performance. They are also good in bodybuilding. In fact, they help active people such as athletes to maintain their focus on whatever they do.

Still, they give them morale when doing strenuous exercises. In essence, nootropics make individuals feel more motivated when performing intense exercises. But before you can decide whether or not to begin using nootropics, you need to be fully informed. This article is all about nootropics, so read on to understand them better in order to make an informed decision.

Nootropics Definition

By definition, nootropics is a compound name given to all sorts of foods, medications and supplements, which are said to improve mental performance and cognition. In fact, chemical compounds that can enhance intelligence and mental performance are grouped in the class of nootropics.

How Nootropics Work

These supplements usually work by altering neurotransmitters levels, which are available in the body. They lead to the increase of neurotransmitters concentration around the brain by stopping their reuptake. Studies show that some neurotransmitters can lead to mood changes, cognition improvement, as well as attention span increase.

Nootropics target neurotransmitters with the aim of producing certain effects, which many bodybuilders are craving for. Such effects may include reduced levels of stress, increased motivation and increased focus, among others.

Benefits of Nootropics

As much as athletes want to make their bodies strong and in good shape, they also need to take care of their mental performance. Nowadays, the use of nootropics has become popular among athletes and bodybuilders. In fact, nootropics help improve muscle control, memory and balance by releasing neurotransmitters.

Some of the benefits of nootropics are discussed below:

  1. Increased Motivation

Lifting weights at a gym center needs motivation. If you are not motivated, you may end up giving up since it is a strenuous exercise. If you use nootropics, the level of neurotransmitters in the brain will be altered and thus lead to improvement of your motivation level. This makes you feel a bit more energetic and focused.

  1. Increased Focus

When undertaking an intense or strenuous exercise, you need to be really focused. Unless you are focused and concentrating on what you are doing, you may end up injuring yourself or giving up all together. You should focus on weightlifting exercise in order to do your best. Nootropics help improve your focus and also lengthen your attention span when doing the exercises. This allows you to focus well on the task you are undertaking.

  1. Reduced Level of Stress

Nootropics help in the stimulation of stress-causing neurotransmitters. This makes you feel relaxed and motivated, hence become focused on your particular training session.

Safety of Nootropics

Everyone should be concerned about the safety of these cognitive enhancing supplements. To be sincere, nootropics have some side effects since any time foreign body enters the psychological system a certain side effect is bound to be produced. But the magnitude of these side effects is depended on the dose of supplements taken and the response of your body.


It is always advisable to consult with your training instructor before using these supplements. Also, you should avoid buying cheap and low-quality supplements since they may be counterfeits.

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